Florida State Flag
Florida State Flower, the Orange Blossom

Welcome to Florida! Where sunshine chases the blues away and the oranges run rampant, the wonderful state of Florida promises to keep you entertained and feeling alive! The beaches of Florida are some of the most beautiful in the world and draw over 40 million tourists to the state annually - that's more than the entire population of California! In addition, the sunshine state is home to the Everglades National Park, Disney World - the largest vacation resort on Earth, and nine major league sports teams. Here are a few more interesting facts you'll find in your Florida Passport:
  • Florida produces more oranges than any other state, sourcing about 80% of the United State's total supply.

  • In mid-January, 1977, traces of snow were observed as far south as Miami!
    The beaches in Florida are awesome!
  • In Florida, it's against the law to put livestock on a schoolbus.

  • Earnest Hemingway, Jim Morrison, Thomas Edison, and David Robinson all come from the State of Florida.

Florida Passports

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Florida State Passport - Table of Contents

General Information
     Welcome to Florida - The Sunshine State!
     Florida State History
     Florida Vital Statistics
     Florida Geography
     Florida Industry Overview
     Florida State Litter Control Symbol
     Florida Commerative Quarter
     South Beach
State Information
     Florida State Beverage
     Florida State Dance
     Florida State Flag
     Florida State Seal
     Florida State Shell
     Florida State Animal
     Florida State Flower
     Florida State Fish (fresh and salt water)
     Florida State Fish Record (fresh and salt water)
     Florida State Gem
     Florida State Fossil
     Florida State Mammal (fresh and salt water)
     Florida State Bird
     Florida State Insect (official and unofficial)
     Florida State Reptile
     Florida State Trees and Tree Records
     Florida State Wildflower
     Florida State Soil
     Florida State Bird
     Florida State Stone
     Florida State Play
     Florida State Song
     Florida State Festival
     Florida State Symphony and Opera
     Florida State Air Fair
     Florida State Day: "Pascua Florida Week"

Welcome to Florida - The Sunshine State!

I, the undersigned, hereby request all whom it may concern to permit the person named herein to enjoy without delay the hospitality and beauty of this great State and to give aid to ensure a safe and pleasant journey to the Florida Passport bearer named herein.


Juan Ponce de Leon

Juan Ponce de Leon
Florida Explorer, 1515
Welcome to Florida

Florida State History
When the European explorers first arrived in Florida in the late 1400s, they were met by local people they called 'Indians'. The Indian's country was lush and warm, with clean waters and sunshine, and seemed to be a natural place for colonization. St. Augustine was established soon after Ponce de Leon landed in Florida on April 3, 1513. In only a few short years, people from countries across the world were settling in Florida, and small outposts grew into large colonies.

Fighting and unrest over disputed ownership claims of Florida finally ended in the late 1800s. The Indians we now know as the Seminole and Miccosukee played an active role in Florida's history and development and share in these benefits today.

When Henry Disston purchased land in southeast Florida from the state in 1881, the development of Florida's second largest city--Miami, followed shortly thereafter. Foreigners were attracted by new luxury hotels being built by men named 'Plan' and 'Flagler', whose names are prominent in Florida still today. By 1920, Miami Beach had grown into a large city and Florida had become a bona fide tourist destination.


  • Jupiter, a lighthouse town on Florida's east coast, was the starting point of the 'Celestrial' Railroad. Its tracks ran through Mars, Venus, Neptune and Juno to eventually arrive at Lake Worth.

Florida State Beverage: Orange Juice

In 1967 the Florida State Legislature declared: "the juice obtained from mature oranges of the species citrus senensus and hybrids is hereby adopted as the official beverage of the State of Florida."

According to the Florida Department of Citrus, by the end of the 07/08 growing season Florida will have produced 168 million 90-pound boxes of round oranges.

Florida Orange Juice


  • Oranges are a great source of vitamin C, folate, and potassium and are known to prevent cancer, fight birth defects, and improve circulation.
  • Unlike bananas and mangos, oranges (and all other citrus fruit) must fully ripen on the tree because they will not ripen once picked.

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Florida State Insect and Fresh-water Mammal

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