Welcome to Alaska! Where the state sport is dog mushing and the state animal is the moose, there is no shortage wilderness in this vast and beautiful land of the midnight sun. Here is a sampling of several more interesting facts you will find in your personal Alaska Passport: Skagway

  • Alaska has more coastline than every other US state combined!

  • Denali, or Mount McKinley as many call it, is the tallest mountain on the North American continent.

  • Alaska's first oil well was drilled in 1898.

  • On October 18, 1867, Alaska officially became the property of the United States.

  • There are 462 native bird species in Alaska.

Alaska Passports

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Alaska Souvenir State Passport - Table of Contents

General Information
     Welcome to Alaska - The Last Frontier!
     Alaska Geography
     Alaska Historical Overview
     Alaska's Tallest Mountain
     Alaska Wolves
     Alaska Trivia
     Alaska Oil Pipeline
     Alaska Vital Statistics
Important Cities
     Alaska's Largest City - Anchorage
     Matanuska Valley
State Information
     Alaska State Flag
     Alaska State Seal
     Alaska State Insect
     Alaska State Mineral
     Alaska State Land Animal
     Alaska State Sport
     Alaska State Trees and Tree Records
     Alaska State Fossil
     Alaska State Marine Mammal
     Alaska State Gem
     Alaska State Bird
     Alaska State Flower
     Alaska State Fish and Fish Records
     Alaska State Soil
     Alaska State Song

Welcome to Alaska - The Last Frontier!

I, the undersigned, hereby request all whom it may concern to permit the person named herein to enjoy without delay the hospitality and beauty of this great State and to give aid to ensure a safe and pleasant journey to the Alaska Passport bearer named herein.


Captain James Cook

Explorer of Alaska, 1778

Alaska Historical Overview

Early inhabitants of Alaska were the Tlingit-Haida people and tribes of the Athab-Ascan Family. The Aleut and Inuit (Eskimo) who arrived about 4,000 years ago from Siberia lived in the costal areas of the state. Explorers from Russia established a permanent settlement on Kodiak Island in 1784. After this, fur traders and other explorers developed settlements at Sitka. As word traveled about the riches this faraway land had to offer, the young U.S. also took note. In 1867 Alaska was purchased for just 7.2 million dollars and shortly thereafter the gold miners came. Alaska became a U.S. territory in 1912, which brought greater exploration and settlers. Fishing, gold, and later oil and tourism were the major industries that developed the state into its present form.


  • Mount St. Elias is the second highest peak in the United States, reaching a towering 18,008 feet

Alaska State Mineral Alaska State Mineral

According to section 44.09.110 of the State Statute, gold is Alaska's official state mineral. The largest gold nuggest ever found in Alaska weighed 294 ounces and was found in Swift Creek, near Nome.


  • Gold miners on Little Creek, also near Nome, recovered 200 pounds of gold in 8 hours, using a rocker box!
  • The largest national park in the United States is Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska. The park covers 13.2 million acres and is six times larger than Yellowstone.

Alaska State Bird and Flower